Horner Group LLC


Columbia Par Car


2002 Columbia Par Car 

Color: Ivory #0395

Equipment On This Vehicle

8 - 6 Volt Lead Acid Batteries (3/17)

Street Legal Lighting Equipment

Locking Glove Box

Arm Rests

Retractable Seat Belts

Ivory Vinyl Seats

Rear Facing Seat with Golf Rack Holder

Rear Hydraulic Brakes

Speed 23 mph

Split Windshield


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1997 Western

Color: Ivory 

Equipment on Vehicle

6 - 6 Volt Lead Acid Batteries

NEW Cloth Upholstery

NEW 10" Aluminum Mag Wheels

NEW 205/50-10 Street/Turf Tires

Street Legal Lighting Equipment

Soft Sid Weather Enclosure with Hinged Doors


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Yamaha - Gas


2004 Yamaha  

Color: Ivory  #1806


Equipment on This Vehicle

Street Legal Lighting Equipment

New 10" Aluminum Mag Wheels

205/50-10 Street/Turf Tires

New Ivory Vinyl Upholstery

Split Windshield

Back Glass

Tote Glass

Locking Glove Boxes

Dash Tray


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