Horner Group LLC


2019 HDK Carrier 6


2019 HDK Carrier 6 #9505

6 Passenger

Color: White

Equipment on This Vehicle

6 - 8 Volt AGM Sealed No Maintenance Batteries

Street Legal Lighting Equipment

On Board Battery Charger

400 amp Curtis Controller D/C 1268

48 V 5.3 KW Motor D/C

Speed 19 mph, Range 35 miles

Rear Facing Seat Flips over to a 40"W x 31"L Diamond Plate Utility Bed

Sun Roof Extends over all Seating Positions

Retractable Seat Belts in all Seating Positions

Ivory Vinyl Seats, White Sun Roof

10" Alumnum Wheels, 205/50-10 Street/Turf Tires

Dual SideView Mirrors with Split Windshield


Optional Equipment

AC Motor Controller 1232SE

350 amp Controller/4.0 KW Motor A/C   - $480.00