Horner Group LLC


2020 HDK/Evolution


2020 HDK/Evolution Classic 4 #8028

Color: Candy Apple Red

Standard Equipment on this Vehicle

6 - 8 Volt Trojan T-875 Maintenance Batteries

On Board Built in Charger

Dash Mounted State of charge Meter

10" Aluminum Wheels

205/50-10 Tires

Street Legal Lighting Equipment

Dual Side View Mirrors with Split Windshield

Rear Facing Seat Cushion Flips Over to a Utility Bed

Ivory Sun Roof, Ivory Vinyl Seats

LSV Package       $850.00

300 amp Controller

High Speed 23 mph/low speed 17 mph

Dash Mounted Speedomter

Front and Rear Rectratable Seat Belts

5 Panel Wink Mirror


Optional Equipment

Sealed No Maintenenance Battery Package addt'l $1,200.00