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1994 Club Car

1994 Club Car D/S - Gas

Color - White

Equipment on This Vehicle

Street Legal Lighting

Locking Glove Box Covers

Cloth Upholstery

8" Tires, Wheels and Hu Caps

Split Windshield, Back Glass, tote Glass

Door Works Enclosure with Removable Doors

New Tune Up Kit, Oil Change, air and Oil Filer with Spark Plug


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1999 Club Car


1999 Club Car 

48 Volt Electric

Color: Purple

Equipment On This Vehicle

All New Paint, Upholstery, and New Equipment as listed below:

Sealed No Maintenance Batteries

10" Mag Wheels and Street/Turf Tires

Front Suspension

State of Charge Meter

Street Legal LED Lighting Equipment

Side View Mirrors


Sand and Seed Bottle\

Carbon Fiber Dash

Sun Roof Rack


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