Horner Group LLC


About Us

HORNERlogoThe Horner Group, LLC opened in 1998.  We knew we were going to face some very stiff competition opening in Arizona, due to the number of long time Golf Cart dealerships in the Phoenix area but at the same time we were to introduce a new competitive concept in golf cars, (NEV), the neighborhood electric vehicle.  The NEV is an environmentally friendly, versatile, efficient, and road safe vehicle that we knew would forever change how people used golf carts.

Historically, golf cars were only manufactured to operate at slow speeds on a golf course.  Golf cart owners, however, found many other uses for their carts.  Golf retirement communities created additional uses for the golf cart as a less expensive means of transportation within the neighborhood.  Golf carts were kept in the owners garages where they were ready for trips to the neighborhood golf course, fitness center, grocery store, or off to the hardware store and even do some banking.  Many people did not know the risks they were taking running their golf carts on the streets.  Originally, golf carts were only manufactured to operate on a golf course.  In order to run on the street, modifications had to be made.  Modifications such as: increasing the speed from 12mph. to 25 mph. installing head and tail lights, turn signals, and rear view mirrors.  After all these alterations, the golf cart still lacked many safety features such as: the most predominant was the two wheel cable brake system and the tires.  Global Electric Motorcar Company changed all these long standing safety problems by introducing their neighborhood electric vehicle called the GEM.  Their vehicle met and exceeded all Federal Safety Regulations for low-speed vehicles.  The GEM Cars could be utilized both on the golf course or for street usage.  The Horner Group through it’s president, Al Horner, was instrumental in the formation of the Global Electric Motor Car Company in 1998.

The Horner Group opened the first GEM dealership on Surprise, Arizona which was in the heart of the Del Webb Retirement Community.  At the end of the 2nd year of our business, 1999, the Horner Group was #1 GEM dealer in Sales and Service in the country and repeated that honor in the year of 2000.  Again, in 2006, we were honored as the #1 dealer in sales and service.  The Horner Group is privately owned and operated by a father and son team, Al and Tom Horner.  Over the past 12 years, the Horner Group has taken on other golf cart lines such as GEM and HDK.  We provide sales and service of its products through-out the Phoenix area and many other neighboring areas of Arizona.  The Horner Group has maintained the philosophy of providing excellent customer service since it’s opening day till the present time.    Stop by our dealership and check out various lines of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles and Golf Cars.  We have new, used and re-built golf cars that are competitively priced.