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Express 2+2

Model No: DEL3022 G2Z

Body & Chassis
• 15 years no rust hot-galvanised-dip chassis.
• TPO injection mould front cowl and rear body-Impact Resistance.

• 93" x 46" x 70"

• Six 8v (48v) or eight 6v (48v) or six 6v (36v) batteries required.
• 4hp DC motor (48v) or 4hp DC motor (36v)
• 275 amp (48v) or 300 amp (36v) Curtis programmable controller with regenerative braking.

• 2 or 4 passengers
• 16mph - 25mph maximum speed.

Other HDK Special Features
• Speedometer
• Battery meter
• Rear view mirrors on both sides
• Functional front and rear bumpers
• High/Low speed switch
• Horn, reverse beep, parking brake
• Head lights, LED taillights, Brake lights, turn signals
• 48v or 36v to 12v voltage reducer for all accessories
• Foldable windshield
• 10-inch Aluminium wheels
• Plastic battery tray
• Aluminium diamond plate
• Golf bag holder with sweater basket
• Off-road moulded plastic roof with grab handles
• Onboard battery charger included
• DOT Approved tyres
• Independant suspension with four arms

• LSV (NEV) Package
• Hybrid Generator
• US/Trojan battery
• DOT Solid windshield (with wipers)
• Enclosure