Horner Group LLC


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HDK Electric Vehicles is the sole factory-direct source of HDK Electric Vehicles in North America.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas and operating through a network of dealers throughout the North America, we provide consumers and organizations with high-quality electric and hybrid vehicles at unbeatable prices.

Fullriver Deep-Cycle Gel(DCG)batteries are maintenance free and require no watering, while providing you with the unmatched quality and power of Fullriver's advanced deep cycle technology. Fullriver offers a complete portfolio of Deep-Cycle Gel(DCG)products, featuring these benefits: Long-lasting runtime and battery life in the most demanding of applications.

GEM vehicles are classified as low-speed vehicles, or neighborhood electric vehicles, and are street legal in most states on public roads posted at 35 mph or less. With a top speed of 25 mph, GEM vehicles have a range of up to 30 miles on a charge² and are great for traveling around neighborhoods, city centers or job sites.



 The Horner Group has built it's reputation since inception by providing outstanding quality in both sales and service. We feel that excellent customer service is not only the back bone of any service organization but it's what nurtures repeat customers. The Horner Group provides its service not only in the Phoenix area but throughout the state of Arizona. We will service your golf car at your home or, if necessary, we will take your vehicle to our dealership for repair and return it in a short time. In addition to servicing what we sell we also service other makes of golf cars. We do offer custom designed golf cars with custom paint colors and detailing.The Horner Group and it's employees appreciate your business and will do whatever it takes to make you a satisfied customer so that you will become a repeat customer and will refer your friends to our dealership. Do not hesitate to ask us to help design or rehab your vehicle in a manner that will service your desire and needs.We stand steadfast on our company's business statement of providing outstanding customer service. This is substantiated by the Horner Group being a recipient of (3) awards from the manufacturer as the number #1 dealership in the country for sales and service.